Client Details

Vergo Pest Management Ltd


Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

White van with Vergo livery

Vergo Branding & Van Livery

We developed a logo and brand identity for Vergo Pest Management Limited from the ground up. Our aim was to convey the focus on technology driven and environmentally conscious pest control through a modern looking logo. We then designed a full vehicle wrap for their new fleet of electric vans.


Vergo Pest Management Logo

Freckle took on the task of crafting a standout logo and brand identity for Vergo Pest Management Ltd.

Following some competitor and market research, along with a keen understanding of the client’s requirements we forged something that was more than just a logo – it became an emblem of trust, depicting their commitment to effective pest management. Our adeptness in translating concepts into visual elements paved the way for an identity that resonated with both the company’s values and its customer base.

On behalf of the Customer Excellence Team I wanted to say Thank You to all of you. Thanks for always supporting us on our projects but especially Customer Week.

Vergo business cards and uniform designs

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